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How To: Cold Brew Sencha

When it's hot out, sometimes we just prefer a cold cup of tea. We're sure you do, too. Did you know you can cold brew any tea? Our favorite tea to cold brew is with JAS Organic Sencha, but any sencha or even gyokuro would work. Cold brew tea takes a little patience compared to brewing with hot water, but the result is a subtler and smoother brew that has less caffeine. It'll also keep in the fridge for several days! You'll need: 3 tablespoons of your favorite sencha 2 liters of room temperature or cold water A pitcher A large tea bag you can fill with tea or a strainer Directions: Scoop 3 tablespoons of tea into your tea...

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BP Nest Notes | Switching From Coffee To Tea

There's no time like now to make a healthy lifestyle change, especially during our BP Semi-Annual Sale! Shop our nests, online & in-store to curate your best life.Read on for inspiration.If you have been feeling erratic lately, the consumption of too much caffeine might be to blame. The easiest lifestyle change to make for your general heart health and mental clarity is... SWITCHING FROM COFFEE TO TEA   Matchas are an exceptional replacement for coffee--with more active antioxidants than most teas and sustaining caffeine levels to boot, let this delicious Japanese favorite ease you through the workweek, without having to face that dreaded energy crash! Black teas are also a fabulous option for those looking for a little more flavor. Tossed and roasted with anything...

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