Tea Meets Beer - A Collaboration with LA Ale Works & Arrow Lodge Brewing

Tea + beer! Who would've thought?

We've had the pleasure to collaborate with local breweries LA Ale Works in Los Angeles and Arrow Lodge Brewing in Covina for a few unique beers!

First up is LA Ale Works' Karma Kolsch - a distinguishable beer that uses a custom blend of our teas for a gentle spice aroma with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and black tea earthiness. It's also caffeinated

LA Ale Works also teamed up with Arrow Lodge Brewing for Terms and Conditions.

Terms is a juicy hazy pale ale brewed with puffed jasmine rice and our Pineapple Dreams Fruit Tea Blend. Conditions is a hazy pale ale made from cold-steeped Pineapple Dreams for a light bodied and dry beer with bright tropical aromas.

Check out our Karma Kolsch-inspired tea set! You get a 1 oz. tin of our Saigon Symphony Tea Blend and Assam Black. See product details here. Then check out the beer out at the brewery and enjoy our teas used in the beer at home!

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