Assam Black

Assam Black

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Assam Black Tea is harvested from the Assam variant of Camellia sinensis and is grown at or near sea level in India and Southern China; both locations offer the ideal climate for tea growing.  It is known for its full body, briskness, and strong yet smooth taste. Used in many breakfast tea blends, Assam goes well with milk and sugar.

  • Origin: Assam, India
  • Brew Color: Mahogany
  • Benefits: May improve alertness and reduce blood pressure
  • Flavor Profile:  Surprisingly smooth and floral with citrus and malty notes
  • Caffeine Content:
  • Size: 4 oz.
  • Item Number: 110216

How to Brew

  1. Start with filtered water for the best brew.
  2. Use 1 teaspoon of tea for every 8 oz. of hot water. Adjust amount to your preferences.
  3. The ideal water temperature is between 190-212°F.
  4. Brew for 3 to 5 minutes.
  5. Enjoy!