TeaBrew Tea Filters (1 cup)

TeaBrew Tea Filters (1 cup)

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Our high quality unbleached, biodegradable Tea Brew Filter Bags are perfect for brewing an individual cup or 1-3 cup tea pot size! This specially designed biodegradable filter bag is made of sustainably harvested wood pulp; the philosophy is to cut down one tree, then plant two! Tea Brew Filter Bags are great for all teas, from large leaf tea, to even the smallest tea particle. Tea Brew Filter Bags are simple to use; just put the desired amount of tea inside your filter bag, fold the flap over, then use as any regular teabag! It is a great sustainable everyday option for home, or on the go.

Design features:

- 100 count
- 3¼ inch x 6 inch each
- Unbleached
- Biodegradable
- Made in Canada