Vanilla Sencha Green

Vanilla Sencha Green

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Vanilla Sencha is a delectable brew that delivers the relaxing scent and warm flavors of all-natural vanilla, intertwined with the herbaceous flavors of sencha. Sencha is a delicate green tea from Japan that is shaded a couple weeks before picking to maximize the nutrients. Decorated with safflower petals, try brewing this tea cold for a delightfully refreshing cup of tea. You can brew this tea up to 3 times if you use hot water!

Origin: Japan
Brew Color: Golden yellow
Benefits: Low in caffeine, contains vitamins and minerals, brews well in hot or cold water
Flavor Profile: Bittersweet vegetal notes with a strong vanilla bean presence
Caffeine Content: 

How to Brew:
Steep 1 tsp of tea per 8 oz. of water for 1 minute.
Ideal water temperature: 150-160°F

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