Premium Special Grade Pu-Erh

Premium Special Grade Pu-Erh

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Named after the famous Yunnan Province in China, Pu-Erh is a highly prized tea for both taste and health benefits. Aged up to 7 years underground, Pu-Erh is believed to help reduce fat and decrease cholesterol levels. Enjoy a cup of Pu-Erh about an hour after a meal to aid in digestion.

Premium Special Grade Pu-Erh has a smoother and sweeter taste than lower grade Pu-Erh.

Price reflects 4 oz. of tea.

  • Origin: Yunnan, China
  • Brew Color: Chestnut brown
  • Benefits: Full of probiotics, may increase alertness, help burn fat, decrease bad cholesterol
  • Flavor Profile: Smoky and well-rounded with a light citrus note   
  • Caffeine Content: 
  • Size: 4 oz.

How to Brew

  1. Start with filtered water for the best brew.
  2. Use 1 teaspoon of tea for every 8 oz. of hot water. Adjust amount to your preferences.
  3. The ideal water temperature is just under boiling point, between 200-212°F.  The hotter the water, the stronger the resulting brew will be.
  4. Rinse the leaves once with hot water for a few seconds and discard water.
  5. Fill with hot water again and brew this tea for about 2 minutes.
  6. Enjoy!!