Rose Phoenix Oolong Signature Tea Bags

Rose Phoenix Oolong Signature Tea Bags

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Rose Phoenix Oolong is our special blend of fine Oolong leaves and fragrant rose petals that are produced at our own tea estate on Phoenix Mountain in China. This blend is traditionally thought to enhance one's beauty and benefit skin health with its antioxidants.

Our Signature Teabags feature the unique "flo-thru" bags that have four brewing sides for an easier and quicker brew.

Origin: Taiwan
Brew Color: Amber yellow
Flavor Profile: Bittersweet with earthy notes
Caffeine Content:  

How to Brew:
Steep 1 tea bag per 8 oz. of water for 3-5 minutes.
Ideal water temperature: 175-180°F

Net Wt. 1.8 oz.

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