Cinnamon Pu-Erh Teabags

Cinnamon Pu-Erh Teabags

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About This Tea

Pu-Erh is a post-fermented tea that goes through a complex processing method meant to age it, similar to wine. The result is a unique aroma and mature flavors.

Cinnamon may aid in absorbing sugar from the blood and reduce blood pressure levels - making it great for diabetics. Pu-Erh's processing produces probiotics for a healthy digestive system. This tea is best enjoyed after a meal.

Origin:   China
Brew Color:   Mahogany
Benefits:   May aid in reducing blood pressure and sugar levels, detoxifying
Flavor Profile:   Earthy, smooth and mellow with sweet notes of cinnamon
Caffeine Content:  
Size:   16 teabags | Net Wt. 1.13 oz.

How to Brew

Steep 1 tea bag for at least 5 minutes in freshly boiled water in your favorite cup. Enjoy!