Decaf Black Signature Teabags

Decaf Black Signature Teabags

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About This Tea

Black tea is also known as Red tea due to the color of its brew, is the most oxidized of all tea and boasts a robust flavor. Try adding milk and sugar for a pleasantly delightful taste.

This tea is decaffeinated by exposing moistened tea leaves to pressurized carbon dioxide which acts as a solvent to remove the caffeine. Because nothing else is affected during the process, the tea retains its flavor and beneficial antioxidants.

Size:1.8 oz. | 25 tea bags per box

Origin:   China
Brew Color:   Mahogany
Flavor Profile:   Robust, full-bodied and smooth
Caffeine Content:  

How to Brew

For the perfect cup of tea:

- We recommend brewing with filtered water for the best results.

- Use one teabag for every 8 oz. of hot water.

- The ideal water temperature is between 190-212°F.

- Brew for 3 to 5 minutes.

- Enjoy!