Organic Yerba Mate

Organic Yerba Mate

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Yerba Mate is an incredible herb made from the leaves of a rainforest holly tree native to South America. It contains less caffeine than coffee, but more than black tea - making it a popular drink for those looking to reduce their caffeine consumption. Prepare Yerba Mate using a tea infuser or french press for an instant pick-me-up!

Price reflects 4 oz.
  • Origin: Paraguay
  • Brew Color: Mossy Green
  • Benefits: May improve cardiovascular health, increase focus & concentration, may reduce lactic acid build-up
  • Flavor Profile: Slightly smoky & vegetal-sweet while complexly earthy
  • Caffeine Content:
  • Size: 4 oz.

How to Brew

  1. Start with filtered water for the best brew.
  2. Use 1 teaspoon of tea for every 8 oz. of hot water. Adjust amount to your preferences.
  3. The ideal water temperature is just under boiling point, between 200-212°F.
  4. Brew this tea for 5 to 7 minutes.
  5. Enjoy!

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