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Hello March! 15% Off All Green Teas

Spring is near and we are so excited to welcome Spring blooms and seasonal fruits! This month, we are highlighting green teas.Originating from China, green tea is made of unoxidized tea leaves that are either pan-fired, roasted or steamed. The result is a beautiful jade-colored brew that boasts vegetal, grassy, nutty and buttery notes. These teas have gained much popularity due to its amazing antioxidants and health benefits, such as fat burning, boosting metabolism and promoting skin health. Spring is also citrus fruit season - you'll find an abundance of oranges, mandarins, tangerines, grapefruits, and more. We love slicing them, squeezing them into our freshly brewed green teas, equally enjoyable hot or iced!We recommend brewing green teas with just below boiling water, anywhere between 1-4 minutes, depending how strong you like your cuppa. Generally, use 1...

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