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Tea Meets Beer - A Collaboration with LA Ale Works & Arrow Lodge Brewing

Tea + beer! Who would've thought?We've had the pleasure to collaborate with local breweries LA Ale Works in Los Angeles and Arrow Lodge Brewing in Covina for a few unique beers! First up is LA Ale Works' Karma Kolsch - a distinguishable beer that uses a custom blend of our teas for a gentle spice aroma with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and black tea earthiness. It's also caffeinatedLA Ale Works also teamed up with Arrow Lodge Brewing for Terms and Conditions. Terms is a juicy hazy pale ale brewed with puffed jasmine rice and our Pineapple Dreams Fruit Tea Blend. Conditions is a hazy pale ale made from cold-steeped Pineapple Dreams for a light bodied and dry beer with bright...

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