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Yuzu Kukicha


Yuzu Kukicha

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Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Brew Color:
Golden jade
Flavor Profile: Zesty citrus with nutty notes
Caffeine Content: 

Yuzu Kukicha is a bright and zesty blend of kukicha, a tea made from the twigs and stems of the Gyokuro tea plant. It retains all the beneficial antioxidants with much lower caffeine. Infused with yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, this tea is great as a refreshing iced tea.
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    TEA 101

    Brewing Directions

    For hot tea, steep 1 tsp per cup with 175°F water for 1-2 minutes. Steep a bit stronger and pour over ice for iced tea.

    Alternatively, try it as a cold brew. Place tea leaves in a pitcher with water, and let steep a minimum of 6 hours in your fridge.