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Dried Ginger Slices


Dried Ginger Slices

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Origin: Hong Kong
Brew Color: Golden orange
Benefits: May temporarily alleviate cold symptoms and nausea, known to warm the body and stimulate digestion
Flavor Profile: Mellow ginger taste that's light, smooth, and easy to drink
Caffeine Content: 

Commonly used in cold remedies, Ginger is known to boost the immune system, soothe and treat flu symptoms as well as naturally increasing the body’s energy levels. It's also believed to aid in circulation, nausea, warm the body, and stimulate digestion. Boil some slices for a warming drink or try adding slices in recipes for an added kick in flavor.

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TEA 101

Brewing Directions

Steep 2-3 slices per 8 oz. of water for 5-7 minutes.
Ideal water temperature: 200-212°F