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Lotus Leaf Pu-Erh Tuocha


Lotus Leaf Pu-Erh Tuocha

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Origin: Yunnan, China
Brew Color: Oak brown
Flavor Profile: Earthy, pleasant, delicate sweet
Caffeine Content: 

Lotus leaf and ripe Pu-Erh are compressed into a tuocha, a small bird's nest shape. Lotus leaf is known as a gentle detox and blended with earthy Pu-Erh for a brew that may aid digestion. Earthy, delicate lotus and floral aroma.

A 4 oz. bag contains approximately 20 pieces.

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TEA 101

Brewing Directions

Place one unwrapped tuocha into a cup or tea pot.
Do an initial rinse if preferred.
Pour fresh boiling water and steep for 1-2 minutes and enjoy.
You steep this tea up to several successive brews.

Ideal water temperature: 200-212°F.
Note: The hotter the water, the stronger the resulting brew will be.