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Organic Oolong Signature Tea Bags


Organic Oolong Signature Tea Bags

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Origin: Fujian, China
Brew Color: Amber yellow
Flavor Profile: Smooth, rich, earthy and floral
Caffeine Content: 

Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized, earthy brew that can be enjoyed after a meal. Oolong literally means "Black Dragon" and is named after how its tea leaves take on the appearance of little black dragons awakening and unfurling when hot water is poured into the cup. This organic tea comes from Fujian Wuyi Mountain National Nature Reserve where it is grown in harmony with nature, contains no pesticides, chemicals, or additives.

Our Signature Teabags feature the unique "flo-thru" bags that have four brewing sides for an easier and quicker brew.

Net Wt. 1.8 oz.

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    TEA 101

    Brewing Directions

    Steep 1 tea bag per 8 oz. of water for 3-5 minutes.
    Ideal water temperature: 190-212°F