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TeaBrew Tea Filters


TeaBrew Tea Filters

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TeaBrew Tea Filters are unbleached, biodegradable filter bags that are perfect for brewing tea. The bags are sustainably made from harvested wood pulp - the philosophy is to cut down one tree, then plant two! TeaBrew Tea Filters are great for all teas, from large leaf teas such as oolong to even the smallest tea like rooibos. They're simple to use: just put the desired amount of tea inside a bag, fold the flap over the edge of the vessel, add water, and use like any regular tea bag! Perfect for at home, at work, or on-the-go.

100 bags per box.

No. 4 is good for 4-8 cup tea pots or large pitchers. Each bag measures 3.75"W x 8"H.

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